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Reviews Sent To Us

Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: Nick
Date: 26/01/19
I spent a wonderful hour with a thoroughly lovely, genuinely friendly, intelligent and gorgeous young woman. Thank you darling for a fantastic and fascinating hour. xxx

Reviewer: Marathon Man
Date: 11/01
It's taken far too long, but I finally returned to see Poppy, and, yep, I can confirm everything I wrote 6 months ago. I had a wonderful time once again reacquainting myself with this perfectly perfect young woman. Not only did we get on like house on fire in the living room, but the heat was pretty intense in the bedroom too! Just utterly lovely. Thank you xx

Reviewer: Iain
Date: 18/07
I have been seeing women for many years now. I can honestly say that Poppy is unique. She understood me and provided all I needed. She did this while being, engaging, fun, attentive and thoughtful.
She understood what made me tick and provided wonderful release without being prompted of asked.
Will I see her again?

Reviewer: Marathon Man
Date: 09/06
I can honestly say that for one hour on Saturday afternoon (and maybe ever since) I was mesmerised, enchanted and all together spell struck by Poppy. She is quite simply the nicest young woman an old man could ever wish to meet. She put me at my ease the second I walked in (while I was still trying to catch my breath, taken as it was by her delightful smile and beautiful eyes). We talked with such comfort and then...well, suffice to say everything was delicious. I would have happily spent hours and hours clothed in her company, but I can honestly say that unclothed, she is utter perfection. I will definitely return as soon as my diary (and hers!) allows. Groucho was right: you're only as old as the woman you feel, and I feel 30 years younger thanks to Poppy. And thank you Michelle for making it all possible.

Reviewer: Bill
Date: 14/04/17
It was certainly a Good Friday for me, spending 2 hours in the delightful company of the gorgeous Poppy at Easter. Poppy is great company, articulate and attentive, and knows how to press all the right buttons! Fabulous body shown off to perfection in her fantastic lingerie - her ass is a joy to behold (and to hold!). The 2 hours simply flew by and I left smiling all the way home.

Reviewer: Ash
Date: 03/04/17
The minute poppy opened the door I knew I was in for a good fun filled hour.
This girl was a pleasure to see very attentive ticked all my boxes 10/10.
We also had plenty to talk about on a similar topics. Can't go in too much detail but it was a wonderful hour spent in the company of poppy must see her again soon.
Thanks poppy for your time and many thanks m for bearing with due to the traffic issue.

Reviewer: Bill W
Date: 07/09
Once again I was enthralled by the beautiful Poppy on a warm stick evening - that got even hotter as our time together progressed. Such a natural beauty with a beautiful smile and amazing body (oh her ass.....!!) Poppy exudes such naughty thoughts in me. From the moment I was greeted by her in her short figure hugging dress to moment I left, after a final caress of her awesome ass, I was captivated. Another fantastic 2 hours and still smiling 24 hours later.... As Arnie says "I'll be Back!"

Reviewer: M
Date: 23/08
Pretty, very pretty, warm-hearted, and utterly genuine, Poppy could definitely become my new favourite waste of time. On the hottest of hot days, she made me forget the outside world and all its nonsense, with an hour of perfect playtime. There was no mask or pretence, she was genuinely there in the moment with me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Reviewer: Bill W
Date: 13/08
Another fantastic visit to the gorgeous Poppy - 2 hours this time as one hour is just not enough to take in all her beauty...! Looking even more stunning after her holiday with some nice tan marks - esp on her AWESOME ASS!! Even though i was there for 2 hours, the time still flew by far too quickly but I left with the usual post-Poppy smile on my face - indeed I had it for the whole weekend. Thanks Poppy

Reviewer: Alan
Date: 13 Aug
A beautiful and intelligent young lady who gave everything to please me and enjoy herself at the same time.
She was a wonderful person, who knew when to be soft and gentle and when to up the pace to increase the intensity of our encounter until it could be increased no more. Simply an amazing hour with a fabulous temptress.



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